Portable Generators


Portable power for every need.

Handy (and sometimes, necessary) a portable generator can be welcome at family activities, as well as providing power for work or emergencies. Whether it’s tailgating, camping, constructing or providing emergency backup power, a Generac Portable Power Generator can provide power for your every need.

Power At Home

Most often, homeowners learn about portable generators during a power outage. A portable generator will power the most important items in your home (lights, heating, A/C, sump pumps and more) to minimize disruptions in your daily life.

Power At Work

Sometimes, utility power isn’t available to run our tools and other accessories. Whether it’s a shutoff for major home improvements, or that project at the far end of your property, a Portable Power Generator is there for you to get the job done.

Power At Play

Have the comforts of home at your next fish camp, tailgate party or camping trip! Wherever you are, a Generac Portable Power Generator can easily power kitchen appliances, chargers for phones and other devices, as well as TV and music systems. Keep the fun in your trip with a Generac Portable Generator!

The Cox Electric professionals can help you select the right kind of portable generator for either your home or business. Give us a call at 401-470-0000 or submit our free estimate form to get started.

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